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Welcome to jasonlowman.com!  Scroll down to learn more about me and my interests.

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Music, DJing, and gear

I've been a musician for as long as I can remember, and have been djing since the mid-90s.  I dig a variety of musical styles, but find myself listening to and playing mostly electronic dance music (EDM), like house, techno, trap, and drum and bass.

Science and Engineering

Ice hockey and the NHL

I have been playing ice hockey for over 20 years.  It's a great sport, and a hobby that helps keep you in shape mentally and physically - especially important as I age.

Links to thought provoking science, engineering, and technology websites:

I am an electrical engineer with Rockwell Collins.  I conduct neutron single event effect analyses on the avionics we build to ensure that they are reliable and safe.

RPGs and Video Games

I play RPGs, both pen and paper and virtual, regularly. 

Politics and Liberty

I am an individualist and classical liberal and I am against collectivism of all stripes.  I believe people should be able to enter into any sort of partnership that suits them, as long as such arrangements are free from coercion.